2024 7th International Symposium on Traffic Transportation and Civil Architecture (ISTTCA 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

·交通工程 / Traffic Engineering

· 交通工程理论与应用 Theory and Applications of Traffic Engineering

· 交通控制和信息技术 Traffic Control and Information Technology 

· 交通运输和社会经济发展 Transportation and Socioeconomic Development 

· 交通安全、环境保护和可持续发展 Transportation Security, Environmental Protection, and Sustainable Development 

· 城市公共交通规划管理 Urban Public Transportation Planning and Management  

· 高速铁路规划、建设和运营组织 High-speed Railway Planning, Construction, and Operation Organization 

· 运输安全 Transportation Safety 

· 运输规划 Transportation Planning 

· 空运 Air Transportation 

· 海上运输 Marine Transportation 

· 城市交通 Metropolitan Transportation 

· 货物运输 Freight Transportation 

· 清洁能源和替代能源 Energy Saving and Alternative Energy 

· 交通基础设施(路面、桥梁) Transportation Infrastructure (Pavement, Bridge) 

· 公路养护和管理 Maintenance and Management 

· 运输管理、经济和政策 Transportation Management, Economics and Policy 

· 车辆运行 Vehicle Operations 

· 水运 Water Transportation

· 运输系统 / Transportation System

· 轨道交通系统 Rail and Transit Systems 

· 电动汽车运输系统 Electric Vehicle Transportation Systems 

· 驾驶员和旅行者支持系统 Driver and Traveler Support Systems 

· 安全和监控系统 Security and Monitoring Systems 

· 交通规划和系统优化 Transportation Planning and System Optimization 

· 智能交通系统 Intelligent Transportation Systems 

· 应急响应系统和技术 Emergency Response Systems and Technologies 

· 供应链绩效测量系统 Systems of Supply Chain Performance Measurement 

· 供应链的控制方法 Controlling Methods for Supply Chains 

· 供应链合作伙伴之间基于信息技术的绩效驱动因素的利益分配 Benefit Allocation of IT-based Performance Drivers among Supply Chain Partners 

· 供应链网络中利润和风险分担的效率 Efficiency of Profit and Risk Sharing in Supply Chain Networks 

· 物流节点设计的性能方面 Performance  Aspects of Logistics Node Design 

· 管理方法和供应链绩效之间的相互关系 Interrelationships between Management Methods and Supply Chain Performance 

· 供应链中软因素的度量 Measurement of Soft Factors in Supply Chains 

· 射频识别作为供应链绩效驱动因素 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as Supply Chain Performance Driver 

· 基础设施管理的绩效影响 Performance Effects of Infrastructure Management 

· 可持续性和供应链绩效 Sustainability and Supply Chain Performance 

· 交通网络建模、模拟和优化的创新概念 Innovative Concepts for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Transportation Networks 

· 管理物流服务质量 Managing Logistics Service Quality 

· 供应链关键绩效指标的制定 Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Supply Chains 

· 风险管理和供应链绩效 Risk Management and SC Performance 

· 瓶颈对供应链绩效的影响 Implications of Bottlenecks for Supply Chain Performance 

· 复杂性对供应链绩效的影响 Effects of Complexity on Supply Chain Performance

· 土木工程 / Civil Engineering

· 结构工程学 Structural Engineering 

· 结构的监测和控制 Monitoring and Control of Structures 

· 计算机模拟与计算机辅助设计/计算机辅助工程 Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE 

· 结构修复、改造和加固 Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening 

· 结构的可靠性和耐久性 Reliability and Durability of Structures 

· 岩土工程 Geotechnical Engineering 

· 地质工程 Geological Engineering 

· 隧道、地铁和地下设施 Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities 

· 地震工程 Seismic Engineering 

· 海岸工程 Coastal Engineering 

· 给排水工程 Water Supply and Drainage Engineering 

· 供暖、供气、通风和空调工程 Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works 

· 智能防灾减灾 Intelligent Disaster Prevention and Mitigation 

· 制图和地理信息系统 Cartography and Geographic Information System 

· 测量工程 Surveying Engineering 

· 计算力学 Computational Mechanics 

· 智能施工技术 Intelligent Construction Technology 

· 建筑工程 / Construction Engineering

· 现代建筑技术 Modern Building Technology 

· 建筑设备工程 Architectural Equipment Engineering 

· 智慧建筑 Intelligent Architecture 

· 高级建筑材料工程 Advanced Construction Materials Engineering